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Expert Tree Care & Maintenance

Aspen Tree Service LLC has been proudly serving our residential and commercial customers across Southern New Hampshire to Northern Massachusetts since 2011. We have over 20 years of experience handling tree health, maintenance, and care for the trees that thrive in our area. Our level of expertise is matched only by our desire to provide exceptional service for a fair price. From homeowners and property management companies to large corporations and solar companies, we trim, prune, remove, and inspect trees of all sizes. If you need tree work done, we are the team to call. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your tree inspection.

Expert Working on Removing a Tree Branch — Salem, NH — Aspen Tree Service
Lot Clearing — Salem, NH — Aspen Tree Service

Small Lot Clearing

We have the equipment to perform lot clearing for those that have small sized lots that need to be excavated. We can take down trees, brush, shrubs, debris and haul it away for a reasonable price. Call us for more information.

Lawn Fertilization — Salem, NH — Aspen Tree Service

Lawn Fertilization

When the growth season hits and those lawns are popping back up, you need some control and some healthy fertilization to keep your lawn on the right track. Our team performs lawn fertilization that promotes proper growth and overall lawn health. Contact us today.

Mosquito & Tick Spraying — Salem, NH — Aspen Tree Service

Mosquito & Tick Spraying

These insects are no fun. They prey on us when the weather is perfect for outdoor activity.

Not with Aspen Tree Service around. We spray for these pests, making your yard a much happier place to play. Call us to ask us about regularly scheduled sprayings to keep them away. 

Mulch & Firewood — Salem, NH — Aspen Tree Service

Mulch & Firewood

We remove many trees throughout the year. That means we have a large supply of natural wood chip mulch and plenty of firewood.

Call us to order for local delivery. 

Live Edge Slab — Salem, NH — Aspen Tree Service

Live Edge Slab

Coming Soon

Lawn Fertilization — Salem, NH — Aspen Tree Service


Full service professional hydroseeding of your lawn space or other surfaces is available. Our team performs full lawn service installation. Contact us today for a quote.

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