Keeping Your Trees Healthy

Proper tree trimming maintenance is an important step for overall tree health. Certain trimming and pruning techniques are perfect for promoting new growth. Aspen Tree Service is the expert to call on. We know the trees of our area and have learned the proper way to perform those tasks. Random cutting away at branches could damage your trees health. We ask that you come to the pros here at Aspen Tree Service to handle your trimming needs. Call us today to schedule a tree inspection

Expert Cutting Tree Branch — Salem, NH — Aspen Tree Service

Removing Dead Weight

Any tree that has heavy excess weight will drop older limbs. The trick is to remove that dead weight before it drops on a power line, a shed, the doghouse, or your own house. 

You’ve probably seen a tree branch draped over what used to be a front porch after a big storm. We can avoid damage such as that by proactively inspecting your trees and removing the excess weight. A tree doesn’t have to be unhealthy to drop dead weight limbs, so it pays to make sure those potential hazards are handled early. Call us today for an inspection and to remove those overgrown limbs before they fall. 

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